Women Empowerment

India’s poor performance on women’s empowerment and gender equality is reflected in many indicators. In many parts of the country, sex ratio has dropped to fewer than 850 females per 1000 males. India is ranked 132 out of 148 countries on Gender Inequality Index as per the 2013 Global Human Development Report. Women from disadvantaged groups such as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and minorities in particular face discrimination, exploitation and limited employment opportunities. Our work recognizes that women are by no means a homogenous category.

Our Goal is to ensure that women have a real voice in governance institutions at all levels, that they have equal participation in public dialogue and influence the decisions that will determine the future of their families and communities. These strategies are integrated into our work on poverty reduction, HIV, democratic governance, crisis prevention and recovery, energy and environment to achieve sustainable human development.

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Karuna Society not only engages these volunteers in social work but also focuses on sensitizing them towards the current social issues and its working methodology.

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